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Chad Letts

Born on Valentine's Day in the sleepy town of Spokane before Grunge descended over Washington, Chad grew up primarily in Southern California but in high school, his family moved to Northern California and subjected poor Chad to a dismal and boring existence. But he knew his calling almost from the beginning, doing voices and performing silly satirical routines for friends and family. Proudly working to make that gift pay off, by his freshman year in college he had snagged a radio gig while also marking time by day filling never-ending salad bowls for hungry Olive Garden patrons.

Chad worked hard to open the career door he cracked and was rewarded with a number of acting jobs voicing characters for award-winning Playstation games. Bitten by the anime bug from the games he voiced, he completed college and then set out for Tokyo, Japan, where he taught English while soaking up Japanese culture - one club at a time.

Upon returning to the US, he headed back to Southern California. In 2008 he was laid off and set up a rudimentary studio in his parents garage and began his voice acting career in earnest. Six months later, he moved to fabulous Las Vegas. It was there that he really started to focus on his voice acting skills. He connected with a small but very successful group of voice actors and began auditioning daily for radio and TV commercials, video games, and cartoon characters.

Now, Chad is a nationally known voice actor, is an avid Golden Knights fan, and is reluctantly becoming a Raiders fan since they’ve moved to Las Vegas. He loves hip-hop karaoke and doesn't understand why everyone doesn't do it. He is also a devoted fan of whisky, but has a particular soft spot for smoky peaty scotch from the Islay region of Scotland.

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