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Chris Tergliafera

Chris is no stranger to dying. In elementary school, it was by forgetting his lines as Sheriff Nottingham in Robin Hood, but now he saves his best deaths for the screen. Whether it's being constantly blown up as Rasticore in Disney's Star Vs. the Forces of Evil, beheaded by Kratos in God of War, or burnt, electrocuted, shot, pummeled, choked, or suffocated to death in games such as WoW, GTA V, or Halo, Chris always ensures that his ill-fated roles are given a proper, authentic send off in their last hurrahs. An avid gamer, Chris always admired when his heroes and foes sounded true to life. Touting himself with an "unbreakable voice", Chris has never had his voice go out during even the longest, most strenuous vocal sessions. Many of his characters are labeled villains, but Chris never thinks he's played an "evil" character; he plays all his roles as heroes, no matter how dark and twisted their motives may be.

When asked to describe himself in three words, Chris chose "mercilessly efficient." Believing his education never stops, Chris spends his free time studying Meisner at Playhouse West and improv at UCB. If you're visiting Universal Studios Hollywood, be sure to drop Chris a line before so he can give you a proper shout-out when he voices Megatron at the Transformers experience.

In this last paragraph, he'd like to tell you how his biggest passion is the Cincinnati Bengals, but it makes him too sad.

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