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Maddie Taylor

Born in Flint, Michigan when it still had potable water, Maddie Taylor started performing at the tender age of 13 in the Flint Youth Theater. In her early 20’s she traveled most of the red states as a young puppeteer, where she honed her comedy, voice, and improv chops. Maddie’s CalArts degree led to successful dual careers as a storyboard artist and a VO performer. Some of her voice characters are in the popular “Open Season 1,2, and 3”, “Angry Birds Movie”, and the Oscar nominated "Surf’s Up". Most recently she played Glinara, the criminal underworld boss, in “The Playmobil Movie”. Due to her vocal range she can play both male and female roles. She, in fact, played the villainous lunatic Verminious Snaptrap for three seasons on Nickelodeon’s “TUFF Puppy” as well as playing recurring roles on “Fairly OddParents.” In Nickelodeon’s “The Loud House” Maddie was honored to perform pageant host Dana Dufresne, who started out as Donnie and transitioned to Dana. The writer’s knew that this paralleled Maddie’s real-life transition. You may see some of her credits prior to 2015, when she transitioned, listed under Matt Taylor. Life, am I right?

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