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Michelle Boback

Looking at my background, one might think that I was raised by a roving band of entertainers. I was raised in the arts, including my teenage years in Shakespeare theater, and singing and drumming around Canada, then 4 years doing theatre in Montreal, while at the same time playing live music shows at world renowned bars, and discotheques.

I received an ACTRA nomination for the lead in the Bravo short ‘Day Before Yesterday’. I was initially drawn to the script because of the haunting voice over. It was so powerful and raw. This opened up the world of voice overs for me, and I dove in. Another favorite voice over gig was playing the ethereal voice of a tormented girl’s sub consciousness, in the acclaimed theatre production, Hot Pink.

Recently, I wrapped ‘The Flame’, a theatre show in Santa Monica. We garnered
great reviews and ended up in the LA Times Must Watch List, landing us a feature film deal, to begin filming the summer of 2018. As the lead, I will have the opportunity to sing on film, and compose the music to the awesome monologues that served as soliloquys in the theatre version.

Combining my love for acting, music and the technical underpinnings of the business, it’s no wonder I fell in love with acting in video games. My first role was a mocap interrogation scene as the intimidating Grim, in Splinter Cell Conviction (I also voiced some secondary characters.) I received my second ACTRA nomination for my role as the morally conflicted Dr. Megan Reed in the Deus Ex Franchise (Human Revolution, Mankind Divided.)

Equally fascinated with film technology, especially VFX, I’m also involved in the production end of film and music. In addition to writing and recording music for tv and film, I’m happy to announce the release of my 6th single, Spade, produced by Juno Award winner and three time nominee Byram ‘Beatchild’ Joseph.

Los Angeles had been my family’s long term goal. We’re landed immigrants with our green cards, and happy to be planting firm roots in our community.

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