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Noël Ill (Noel Ill)

Throughout grade school and junior college, Noel wrote, produced and performed puppet shows in her hometown of Redlands, California. She also sang original songs and played guitar at the local coffee shops and music venues. After graduating with a degree in illustration from ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, she began working as a TV production artist in Los Angeles. She took acting classes at night and performed music regularly at Hollywood's famous and former, Cat Club. Her professional voice acting career officially began when she was plucked from her cubical while drawing characters for the animated series, The Life and Times of Tim on HBO, to provide voice over on one of the episodes. The audio crew and Casting Director thought she naturally had a "funny voice." This opportunity led to more additional background voices and a SAG card. Noel's talent in singing and puppeteering equips her with the skills to put emotion behind an array of interesting characters. For every person she works with, she holds great respect. Noel also loves and respects the business side of the creative industry. She likes to be professional, but above all, she loves voice acting because it's fun!

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