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Shannon Chan-Kent is a self-professed “CHIRISH” (Chinese/Irish/Canadian) actress. Perhaps known best for portraying multiple characters for 9 seasons on the animated series MY LITTLE PONY, Shannon has been singing and acting for television, screen and stage for over 17 years. A versatile actress, her unique voice lends itself naturally to comedic roles and her comedic skills and character range have earned her over 100 credits on IMDB. Among them are MEGA MAN playing Ashley Adderly, Cror in Disney’s hit new show GIGANTOSAURUS, Lila on Family Channel’s POLLY POCKET as well as Erin and Erika Kingston on Teletoon’s SUPER DINOSAUR, a narcissistic boss babe on GIRLFRIEND’S GUIDE TO DIVORCE, and a Southern news reporter on NBC’s half hour comedy TRIAL AND ERROR.

Shannon is convincing as the air headed and vile Biskit Twins on THE LITTLEST PETSHOP, but she is far from having her head in the clouds. Shannon holds prestigious degrees in Opera Performance from the University of British Columbia. She is an accomplished coloratura soprano having sung the coveted and infamous role of Queen of The Night in Mozart’s THE MAGIC FLUTE at the iconic Estates Theatre in Prague.

As a professional singer, her silvery and bird like timbre has landed her on many Disney, Hasbro, Teletoon and Nickelodeon soundtracks such as SPECTAULAR , EQUESTRIA GIRLS: RAINBOW ROCKS and MY LITTLE PONY: THE MOVIE.

You can hear her singing ONE SMALL THING with Kristin Chenoweth from MLP:THE MOVIE and SO LIKE BORED from Hasbro’s THE LITTLEST PETSHOP in the clips below.

Shannon is a 6th generation Chinese Canadian and is number 3 of 4 sisters. She knew she was destined to be a performer being born 3rd. The 3rd child is often the creative or jokester/entertainer of the family, which she understands is a more polite way of saying “attention seeking”. She is passionate that actors of Chinese descent and other performers of mixed backgrounds are well represented in the acting community. Thus, she mentors young voice over artists through UBCP/ACTRA and engages in diversity panels across the city. If she isn’t singing show tunes, she’s watching Bon Appetite or taking her 2nd yoga sculpt class of the day.

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