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Shaun Conde

Shaun Conde is a versatile actor, writer, and director; and a dude that wants to spread compassion, laughter, and kindness wherever he can.

As a voice actor Shaun is known for his wide vocal range. With a naturally comforting and sympathetic sound; he can just as easily add some friendly sarcastic wit, or up it to that kind of energy that gets you juiced to fling yourself down a REALLY tall waterslide.

This wide range extends to characters as well. From newborns to time-worn sages, the reluctantly brave to frothingly frightening, and accents all around the world...including places yet to be discovered.

While growing up doing musical theater in San Diego, Shaun has spent more time over the last ten years delving into the physical comedy of the circus and interactive performance. And of course, voice over. Which he discovered when he learned “some actor” named Jim Cummings was in EVERY cartoon Shaun grew up with and loved.

Shaun is currently writing a passion project that he hopes will be a motion comic that continually explores a rich, ever growing whimsical world of characters and the interactions between them.

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Known For

  • Thumb colonel fluffy   super lucky s tale

    Colonel Fluffy - Super Lucky's Tale

  • Thumb grunt brute rider   halo wars 2

    Grunt Brute Rider - Halo Wars 2