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Thom Adcox

Thom's V.O. career began during an audition for a television series. In the middle of his reading the casting director stoppd him and said, "THAT God, you've got to do something with THAT VOICE!" (And not meaning it in a good way to Thom's surprise.) Well, forever being the optimist, Thom chose to do a lot with THAT VOICE. Mason "The Tinkerer" on WB Kids' "The Spectacular Spiderman," Felix in CBS's remake of "Felix the Cat," Lexington on ABC/Disney's "Gargoyles," Pupert on "The Buzz on Maggie," Dipstick on "101 Dalmations," , Simon on Steven Spielberg's "Invasion America" are just a few of the well known characters he's created for animation, along with over one thousand commercials for televison and radio.

When not doing stuff with THAT VOICE he stays busy with animal rescue, plays a lot of tennis and spends the rest of his free time catering to his two dogkids Lili Taylor the magical ratfaced dog and Gunner Bunner the Robert Conrad look alike, making sure they are comfortable in their perverbial house in the hills of Los Angeles. He also continues to preach to young actors not to ever let there dreams be squashed by ANYONE...let alone a gravely voice angry casting director...

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