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Corey Burton

Corey Burton is a Multi-Voiced Professional Character Voice Actor/Announcer for over 30 years, since age 17. He is schooled in classic traditions of Radio Theatre, becoming the last fully qualified character & lead actor "Voice Man" accepted into Hollywood's original Radio Acting Community, during a ten-year resurgence in the 1970s.

Corey had a seven year stint as a NBC Peacock Logo signature voice(s), with promo announcing on every major American TV network for more than 2 decades and documentary narration on many educational networks. He is one of the most popular "utility" announcer/character voice actors for both Disney and Universal Theme Parks, world-wide.

TV Animation credits highlighted by Disney and Warner Bros., Corey also voiced characters for the original "Transformers" series. His feature film ADR/voice work includes "E.T.," "Critters," "Total Recall,", "Matine002c" Disney's "Aladdin," "Hunchback" "Mulan,", Pixar's "Toy Story 2" featured as 'Moliere' in "Atlantis, the Lost Empire", 'Capn Hook' in "Return to Neverland". Corey portrays Walt Disney himself in 'Special Edition' Disney Classics DVDs.

His voice characterizations are featured in Video Game blockbusters like "Final Fantasy" and "Kingdom Hearts". He is known for distinctive old-fashioned logo voices for Old Navy, and Real California Cheese radio spots, and is also a former radio/TV/industrial sound production engineer (known as an expert on classic/esoteric microphones and audio gear and occasional dialect consultant).

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