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Dee Bradley Baker

“Is he even human?” Talk with anyone who has worked with actor Dee Bradley Baker and that is the question that will probably arise. Dee is legendary as a special-ops problem-solving genius for all non-human vocal performances in animation, games and movies. With his voice, the impossible becomes effortlessly real. Be it monster or mammal, insect or infant, bird or barnyard, Dee produces the perfect timing and tone for the character.

Dee’s lengthy IMDB resume will confirm his incredible acting range and versatility as a straight ahead voice actor. But it is his non-human characters that are a stand out skill.

Additionally, Dee thrives on collaboration with creators. Dee works closely with the material and the creator’s vision to perfect the characters. He is often brought in by creatives to brainstorm early in a project’s development process, as when he helped create and subsequently perform the Boxtroll creature language for Laika Entertainment’s THE BOX TROLLS feature. For his lead performance as Fish, Dee earned an Annie nomination for "Outstanding Achievement in a Feature Animated Production”. You can watch a video on how to speak the language in an interview on Dee’s website.

Dee has worked with many top feature film directors. One of his earlier career accomplishments was voicing Daffy Duck and Tasmanian Devil in Ivan Reitman’s SPACE JAM starring Michael Jordan. More recently, Corin Hardy THE NUN (Demonic voice) J. J. Abrams STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS, (creature sounds) Peter Jackson THE HOBBIT: THE BATTLE OF FIVE ARMIES (creatures) Jon Favreau live action reboot of THE JUNGLE BOOK (jungle animal sounds).

A standout showcase of Dee’s impressive acting ability is his Annie Award nominated portrayal of Captain Rex and an entire army of clone soldiers in Lucas Animation’s Emmy winning STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS series. As he discussed in an interview on his website “An Army of Clones,” Dee maintains subtly distinct personalities among the human clone troops.

Fun fact: For over 200 AMERICAN DAD episodes, Dee’s Klaus the lecherous German goldfish has amused audiences in the Emmy-nominated series.

Fun 90’s fact: Fans of Nickelodeon's classic 90's game show LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN TEMPLE are thrilled to learn that Dee voiced the rock god Olmec.

How does he do it? In addition to his life long experience with acting, singing and improv, Dee fuels his enthusiasm with his lifetime love of animals and monsters, Halloween and insects. These passions combine with his acting career to fuel his unique creative process.

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Known For

  • Thumb animal   muppet babies

    Animal - MUPPET BABIES

  • Thumb appa   avatar the last airbender


  • Thumb captain rex   star wars the clone wars


  • Thumb daffy duck   space jam

    Daffy Duck - SPACE JAM

  • Thumb klaus   american dad

    Klaus - AMERICAN DAD

  • Thumb momo   avatar the last airbender


  • Thumb olmec   legends of the hidden temple


  • Thumb perry the platypus   phineas and ferb

    Perry the Platypus - PHINEAS AND FERB

  • Thumb fish   the boxtrolls


  • Thumb the nun   the nun

    The Nun - THE NUN