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Dee Bradley Baker

Emmy and Annie nominated Dee Bradley Baker is one of Hollywood's most versatile and sought after A-list voice actors. His voice is seemingly everywhere, featured in literally hundreds of television shows, movies and top video games. He is listed on as having voiced the most characters of any voice actor ever.

Over the past three decades, Dee has earned an extraordinary reputation among show creators and fans alike with his chameleon-like acting skills and his wide range of realistic creature vocal acting. He brings to life house pets, birds, mammals, aliens and gigantic monsters with amazing detail and nuance. From pre-school television animation to feature film horror, Dee is Hollywood's go-to guy for non-human vocal performance.

Dee has recently collaborated on feature films with directors such as Jon Favreau, James Gunn and Stephen Chiodo. His recent movie roles include the "Star Wars" features, Favreau’s "The Junglebook," "Sponge Bob" movies, "Dora The Explorer" (Boots the monkey), and projects reaching back to "Happy Feet" (with director George Miller), "Dawn of the Dead" (Zach Snyder) and "Space Jam," where he voiced Daffy Duck and Taz.

Dee often collaborates to problem-solve unusual projects' needs. He originated and co-developed the "The Boxtrolls" language for Laika's feature project.

His current television VO workload covers all the traditional and streaming animation companies: "American Dad," (TBS, now producing its 16th season), "Family Guy" (Fox), "Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts" (Dreamworks), "Sponge Bob," "Blaze and the Monster Machines," and "Casagrandes" (Nickelodeon), "Ben 10" and "Victor Valentino" (Cartoon Network), as well as "Muppet Babies" and various projects in the "Star Wars" universe for Disney Plus/Lucas, including the frog couple vocals featured in season two of "The Mandalorian."

A standout showcase of Dee’s impressive acting is his portrayal of Captain Rex and an entire army of clone soldiers in Lucas Animation’s Emmy winning “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” series, which earned Dee "Annie Award" nominations for Best Voice Actor two years in a row. He ups his game further "in a galaxy far, far away" in the highly anticipated "Star Wars: The Bad Batch" series, which premieres on Disney Plus in 2021.

Most of Dee's busy work week focuses on non-human vocalizations for all of Hollywood's animation and film studios. Notable examples of his astounding creature voice acting include all the creatures in Nickelodeon's "Avatar: the Last Airbender" series as well as Perry the Platypus in "Phineas and Ferb."

Dee is featured in many top video games including "Destiny 1 & 2," (Variks), "Overwatch" (Hammond the hamster) and all sorts of human characters and creatures in Blizzard Entertainment's “World of Warcraft,” “Diablo,” and "Starcraft" games. Legacy credits include "Halo" (Gravemind), "Left 4 Dead" (Charger, Spitter & Jockey), "Portal 2" (Atlas and P-body) and "Gears of War" (General Raam and creatures).

Fans of the Walt Disney theme parks may be surprised to learn that Dee voices the parrot on the "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride and Boba Fett for the "Star Tours 3D" attraction.

Dee's enjoys adding to his website, which attracts over 600 visitors per day and is a world-renowned resource for voice actors, offering free, comprehensive overview and insight into the art and business of voice acting.

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