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Robbie Daymond

Robbie Daymond, a Native American born and raised in Missouri, performed in his first professional play at age 10 and he’s been hooked on acting ever since. This love for theater led to an MFA in Acting from University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Arriving in LA in 2007, Robbie plies his craft in commercials, television, independent films, and his main passion, voiceover work in all genres of entertainment: Animation, video games, anime, feature films and audio books. He also enjoys any opportunity he gets to sing.

Robbie’s animation, anime and video game credits are too numerous to discuss in a biography (that is what imdb is for!). One of his current and iconic roles in an animated series is Spider-man/Peter Parker“ in Marvel’s Spider-man”. In the Anime world, Robbie may be best known as the voice of Tuxedo Mask “Sailor Moon & Sailor Moon Crystal.” Robbie’s portrayals of Prompto in “Final Fantasy XV” and Akechi in “Persona 5” are also fan favorites.

When he has free time he enjoys writing children’s books, music, and travel. His career as a convention guest and personality has afforded him many opportunities for live performance and numerous charity works. You can usually find him online doing his best to entertain children and adults alike.

When asked what he enjoys most about performing in voice over, he replied: “Being a voice artist has afforded me the opportunity to apply everything I’ve learned over the years about the craft of acting; how to analyze and interpret text on the fly, make big and bold choices, and trust my director and producer to guide me down an informed and artful path. I love this profession. It’s a community of like-minded and wildly talented individuals who have been kind enough to accept me into the fold, and for that I am eternally grateful.”

Robbie currently resides in Sherman Oaks with his beautiful wife Megan, new daughter Lynnyx, and rescued animals, Link the dog and Zelda the cat.

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Known For

  • Thumb akechi in persona 5

    Akechi in Persona 5

  • Thumb spider man peter parker in marvel s spider man

    Spider-Man Peter Parker in Marvel's Spider-Man

  • Thumb prompto in final fantasy xv

    Prompto in Final Fantasy XV

  • Thumb tuxedo mask 1 in sailor moon   sailor moon crystal

    Tuxedo Mask in Sailor Moon & Sailor Moon Crystal