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Growing up in a small town called Damariscotta (44.0329N x 69.5189W), every time I said my address, I practiced elocution. So, it’s only natural I grew up to be a singer, stage actor, and voice performer. I played KING LEAR at seventeen and was the youngest member in the cast of THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO. Yes, the opera. These days I’m still (basically!) the same small town kid, but now you’re likely to hear the results of those elocution lessons in games such as THE ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE, CALL OF DRAGONS, and LEGENDS OF RUNETERRA, promos for THE MANDALORIAN on Disney+, and narrating documentaries for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC.

Something I’m most proud of in my career is being entrusted to carry on voiceover traditions. I’ve recreated Ernie Anderson’s signature sound for the retro promos during ABC’s LIVE IN FRONT OF A STUDIO AUDIENCE. I was the in-show announcer for the reboot of MATCH GAME, intoning “Get ready to match the stars!” a line made famous by Johnny Olson. And for two years, I was the host of the official UNSOLVED MYSTERIES podcast, following in the audio footsteps of the iconic Robert Stack.

But before you start thinking I’m just another one of those run-of-the-mill-deep-voiced announcer guys … I’m happy to say my range allows me to be so much more. As a frequent voice for NOGGIN, I’ve been heard as the Tooth Fairy, a dolphin trying his hand at stand-up comedy, and even the man in the moon himself. And it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that you’ve turned on your TV and heard me as a disgruntled but sensitive housecat or an animatronic purple koala.

As a stage performer, I’ve appeared at theaters all over the country and was part of the Drama Desk Award-winning cast of Off-Broadway’s a cappella musical IN TRANSIT. I was a member of Grammy-nominated BROADWAY INSPIRATIONAL VOICES, a gospel choir comprised of some of the best voices in NYC. We sang with Sting on the TONYS and performed with Randy Newman in a staging of his FAUST.

Whatever project I’m lucky to work on, collaborating and creating with artists is my favorite part. Every time I step in the booth, it’s with the same excitement and wonder I felt as a kid in Damariscotta, Maine discovering the world through the Arts.

Let’s play.

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Known For

  • Thumb mandalorian

    Promo Voice of THE MANDALORIAN

  • Thumb elder scrolls dagon

    Mehrunes Dagon in THE ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE

  • Thumb unsolved mysteries

    Host of the official UNSOLVED MYSTERIES Podcast

  • Thumb runeterra

    Commander Ledros in LEGENDS OF RUNETERRA

  • Thumb national geographic

    National Geographic Narrator

  • Thumb match game

    In-Show Announcer for ABC's MATCH GAME