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Zoe Wiesner

I am a 14 year-old actor who believes kids can make a difference and improve the world. I also believe that we are always better at doing things we love. So, if you can do what you love AND help others in the process, it’s a perfect world. I am fortunate and grateful to be able to pursue what I love – acting.

I am a homeschooled honors student and I train in acting, singing, dancing and martial arts (2nd degree black belt). I also have time to pursue photography, art and reading. I have been cast in several independent films and commercials. I have also been the television/radio/internet spokesperson for Panera Bread for more than a year.

My progress has created other opportunities to help others. I love to read. I’m able to share that passion with local children. I am “Princess Read A Lot” (Royalty !) for a regional arts center. Several times each season, I go on-stage to announce the children’s shows (all based on books), thank the sponsors and then visit with hundreds of children after the shows in the lobby for photos. I also have opportunities to visit underserved schools and read books to the children. Knowledge is power.

I recently volunteered to record a radio commercial for “Project Alive”. I’m hoping that this spot will help raise money for curing kids with a genetic disorder called Hunter Syndrome.

Finally, I enjoy travel. With my teen brother and parents, I’ve traveled to more than 20 countries and have friends stretching from Bahrain to Burbank. Although there are many differences across cultures, some things are universal. I’ve found that enthusiasm is as contagious as a smile !

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